The Product Mindset is the only global study of its kind, with key findings and insights that highlight the ways manufacturers and consumers think and make decisions about products.

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Review highlights from UL's third annual global study, providing an in-depth examination of the issues and priorities related to how products are made, sold, bought and used.

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Download one or more Product Mindset reports to access highlights from UL’s unique global study. Each report provides an in-depth examination of manufacturer and consumer issues and priorities related to how products are made, sold, bought and used.
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The Top 10 Gaps between manufacturer and consumer priorities help pinpoint opportunities for manufacturers to optimize their focus to better address consumer concerns.

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The Product Mindset Overview

Introduction to The Product Mindset 2013

  • “Are people suffering from gadget overload? UL issued a study last week that found about half of consumers, 48 percent, ‘feel high-tech manufacturers bring new products to market faster than people need them.’”

    The New York Times
  • “With supply chain complexity growing and global trade increasing at unprecedented rates, understanding and navigating the Product Mindset is essential.’”

    Sustainable Industries
  • “This research demonstrates the importance of moving existing food safety management to the next level.’”

    Grocery Headquarters
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